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John Stevens Dowden and LeeOria Elmira Johnson
This couple and their oldest children were already settled in the Bluewater Community of southern Polk County in 1900.   They are reported in the 1900 US Census of Polk County, Texas.
The following are links for their children.
Gracie Dowden Duke and Thomas Arthur Duke, Sr.
Aunt Gracie died young, in the late 1930's and for years, no one knew of any photographs of her, but now family members have discovered this one.
Charlie Burgess Dowden and Carrie Miller Dowden 
Johnnie Edward Dowden and Sarah Alice Collins Dowden
Uncle Johnnie was pastor at the Holly Grove Church for many years.
Walter Ira Dowden and  Agnes Jewel Green Dowden
Uncle Walter and Aunt Jewel brought up the most musical family in the clan.
William Thomas Dowden and Violet Ruth Reeves Dowden
W.T. retired from the old Smith Bluffs Refinery near Port Neches Texas and returned to his roots in Polk County.  Violet is remembered for her twenty plus years of family history research and for raising four sons and a daughter.
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