Harvey Chester Reeves married December 21, 1919 to: Zeffa Robena McMinn

But the story of this family neither starts with their marriage nor ends there. Harvey Chester Reeves was born and raised on the Reeves place near Silsbee, Texas. Although this was deep in the heart of Southeast Texas, Harvey Chester was a dashing young man.

As I said, young Harvey Chester Reeves was raised near Silsbee, Texas. This next picture appears to show Harvey a little older in a wooded scene.

This third photograph shows young Harvey Chester Reeves in his World War I uniform. He went to France with F Battery, 132d Field Artillery, 36th Division.

After World War I, Harvey returned to Texas, married his sweetheart, and began working at the Texas Company. More than 40 years later, he retired from Texaco.

Harvey and Zeffa Reeves lived to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary after 50 years together.

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For many years, Harvey and Zeffa were blessed with visits from their grandchildren and family.

This photo shows Lan showing her bracelet to Mrs. Zeffa Reeves.

This photo shows Lan visiting her husband's grandfather, Mr. H.C. Reeves.

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